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Industry leading drone detection since 2015

Aerial Armor has been at the forefront of the drone defense industry since 2015 as a service provider and systems integrator for C-UAS solutions. Our diverse team specializes in the use of cutting edge technology to detect and manage drone related threats.

Using the latest drone detection systems, we provide you with customized solutions for your security needs.

We know that busy security directors and personnel need drone detection solutions that are both effective AND efficient. Our services combine cutting-edge technology, easy data access, and intuitive interfaces so that you can incorporate drone detection fluidly into your security operations.

Trusted by Top Security Agencies

On countless deployments, we’ve worked hand in hand with local law enforcement, FAA, FBI, DHS and private security professionals throughout the US.

We’ve seen the impact of nefarious drone activity and the risk drones present to public safety, allowing for espionage, contraband delivery, and many other criminal activities.

We're committed to protecting your airspace from those threats.

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Integrated drone detection solutions for your security team

Work with the leading provider of integrated drone detection solutions. Contact Aerial Armor today!

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Large Event Services

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Effective Drone Detection Services

Aerial Armor is the leading provider of drone detection services. We offer temporary deployments for special events like concerts, sporting events, air shows, and other high-profile events.

Our services also include personnel with extensive experience in drone detection. This is what separates us from other drone detection companies: we don't just sell or rent products, we use the technology ourselves at events and give you the benefits of our real-world experience.

We're constantly refining our tools to better meet drone detection needs based on what we've seen in the field.

Nationwide Network

We are the first drone detection company to offer a nationwide network of drone detection sensors. We have sensors in every major US city, and by offering DaaS (data as a service), we provide data access that empowers our users.

You can access the security data you need, without the time and effort of maintaining your own sensor hardware.

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Proprietary Software

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Advanced Drone Detection Technology

At Aerial Armor, we take pride in our proprietary drone detection software.

We focus on an intuitive design that empowers our users to make security risk assessments at a moment's notice.

We're the first company to offer a drone detection app, allowing you to monitor live detections from any phone. Security personnel can react to potential threats quickly and effectively, accessing key information in the palm of their hand.

Integrated Detection Solutions

There is no silver bullet or one-size-fits-all solution for drone detection. We understand that each event or deployment has its own challenges and needs, so we provide a layered solution to match each customer's specifications and budget. We offer various drone detection technologies, including RF analyzers, optical sensors, radar, the DJI AeroScope, and mitigation.

Aerial Armor is not a manufacturer of drone detection equipment: we are an integrator. This allows us the flexibility to change detection techniques as the industry evolves, and incorporate new products as they become available.

We test out the systems ourselves and only offer you the best solutions on the market.

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Aerial Armor offers flexible deployment options including long-term leases, short-term rentals, and security site assessments. We look forward to sharing our unique industry experience and to providing solutions that will become an essential part of your security infrastructure.

The perfect drone detection solution for your security team

Prevent drone intrusions with the latest drone detection technology. Contact Aerial Armor today and secure your airspace.

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The Latest From Our Drone Detection Blog

Aerial Armor on YouTube

Our drone detection services in action

Watch how Aerial Armor secures the skies and over 500 hot air balloons each year at The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

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Have A Drone Detection Question?

How do you tell if a drone is spying on you?

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If you suspect a drone might be spying on your and/or your organization, Aerial Armor could be of great assistance. Our advanced notification system allows you to set up custom alerts that will notify you anytime a drone is in your airspace. 

Our drone detection software also stores all historical flight data so you can see how often particular UAVs are trafficking your airspace.

Is there an app to detect drones?

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Aerial Armor is proud to offer the first drone detection app that is available on both Apple and Android mobile devices. Our app is only available to customers who have our drone detection equipment installed or subscribe to our detection network.

How do you know if a drone is watching you at night?

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Most drones have lights that can be seen at night. However, these can be bypassed or covered up for nefarious reasons.

We offer RF, radar, and thermal camera detection that can detect drones day or night.

How do you stop drones from flying over your house?

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Generally speaking, mitigating a drone is only allowed by approved government organizations. If you are bothered by drones flying over your house, we recommend that detection and notification is the best/safest course of action.

Knowing a drone is in your airspace allows you to take the proper precautions based on your scenario. Awareness is the first step.