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Protect your airspace with our UAV detection systems for airports.

Protect Your Airport from Unwanted Drones

Know exactly what UAVs are in your airspace at all times

Despite strict regulations about drone flights, specifically in the vicinity of airports and protected airspace, drone incursions are rising as commercial UAVs become more readily available.

Airport drone defense systems, such as those provided by the experts at Aerial Armor, are an effective, powerful, customizable solution to mitigating the risk of collisions with aircraft and other undesirable drone activity.

Ensure compliance with FAA regulations

In collaboration with the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Office (UASIO), the FAA has been conducting an ongoing evaluation of drone detection services, including Aerial Armor's, to promote airspace safety.

Regulations already specify how, when, where, and at what altitude drones may be operated, particularly close to public and private airports.

State and local regulations may add additional limitations on drone activity. These regulations are generally effective, but unfortunately, cannot prevent drone operators from intentionally (or unintentionally) violating these regulations.

government zone drone detection

Integrated airport drone defense software to protect your airport

Our proprietary software utilizes AI and ADS-B integration to help you and your security team protect your airport from unwanted drones.

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Integrated Solutions for Airport Drone Protection

UAV detection services for airports

The best defense against unwanted UAVs in your airspace is to detect problems before they become a hazard. An ideal way to do so is by adopting an integrated drone detection system that utilizes the latest drone detection technology and effective drone detection software to mitigate risk.

Components of an effective integrated drone detection solution for your airport should include:

  • Stationary and/or mobile drone detection hub to ensure you can track down any threat.
  • Large detection range to ensure your entire airport and surrounding airspace is covered
  • Live detections with real-time GPS details including takeoff point and operator location

At Aerial Armor, our mission is to provide robust drone detection services to protect your airspace from unintended UAS activity.

Learn more about how we've helped secure the airspace at Ottawa International Airport (CYOW).

Airport Drone Protection Case Study - Ottawa CYOW

Securing Ottawa International Airport

In conjuction with NAV Canada, Qinetiq, INDRO Robotics, and the local airport authority, Aerial Armor helped secure airspace at the Ottawa International Airport with an effective anti-drone system.

Read through the report below and learn more about how our drone detection technology could help protect your airport from unwanted UAVs.

**No pilot or homepoint location data is shared in the following images.

Aerial Armor drone detection logo

Location Summary - CYOW

Data represents the detection period between November, 2020 and June, 2021.

Total Flights ------------------------------
Total Unique Drone ID's -------------
Max Altitude -----------------------------
Total Flights Above 122m ----------
Total Unique Drone ID's Above 122m
Night Flights (8PM to 4AM) -------

Drones within 10km of CYOW

Data represents detections made within 10km of Ottawa International Airport.

Total Flights ------------------------------
Total Unique Drone ID's -------------
Max Altitude -----------------------------
Total Flights Above 122m ----------
Total Unique Drone ID's Above 122m
Night Flights (8PM to 4AM) -------

Flight Patterns by Day/Hour

Discover trends in your drone detection data and use those insights to better protect your airport.

drone detection data flight counts by hour of day

Securing CYOW Airport

  • This data was collected between 11/07/20 - 6/16/21. CYOW Airport's Michael Beaudette emphasizes the need for an effective drone detection system in this day and age:

  • Drones are becoming almost ubiquitous, with exponential growth in sales to both hobbyists and commercial operators. As an airport operator, we felt it was vitally important that we test systems to detect drones operating on flight paths, near the airport, and in other restricted zones to help ensure the safety of air crews and passengers.

    courtesy of DroneDJ

ottowa airport anti drone defense system flight data

A proven drone detection solution for your airport

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Protect Your Aiport and Detect Drones

aerial armor staff using drone detection software

Today's society is rapidly changing. Your risk for drone related incidents are increasing each day as an airport security professional.

We’ve seen the impact that drones can ensue on airports and visitors of their airspace. This experience is what our clients depend on and what our company takes pride in.

Each airport we work with has unique needs and we offer flexible options from long term purchases to short term rentals and security assessments. Protect your assets and detect drones with the latest drone detection technology on the market.

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Have A Question About Our Airport Anti Drone Systems?

Can airports detect drones?

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Typically, Air Traffic Control towers and most airports will not be able to see your drone on radar.

Specially tuned drone radar systems can detect drones, but they are generally different from the radar systems used at airports.

Can you fly a drone near an airport?

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Rules and regulations differ by country, but generally speaking, you should always receive proper authorization prior to flying near an airport.

Do you offer temporary drone detection solutions?

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Aerial Armor does offer temporary drone detection solutions for sites that don't need a permanent installation.

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