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Protect your stadium from drones with our layered counterdrone systems and drone detection services.

Protect Your Stadium from Unwanted Drones

Know exactly what UAVs are in your stadium at all times

As Covid mandates ease up, many of us are finding ourselves attending live sporting events again.  But, human attendees are not the only ones who frequent these events. Drones tend to intrude into sports stadiums to capture unauthorized footage.

Such careless actions not only risk interrupting the game, but they also present serious hazards for players and spectators alike. Fortunately, robust drone detection and counterdrone systems for stadiums are available to mitigate these risks, keeping people and stadiums safer.

Unauthorized Drones and Stadiums

The proliferation of powerful, consumer-friendly drones has made for an exciting time for hobbyists — and a security challenge for those who need to prevent unauthorized drones from flying in their airspace.

While airports and similarly restricted airspace are frequent targets, the appeal of invading popular stadium events appears to be irresistible to many drone users. Just a few recent incidents include:

government zone drone detection

Integrated drone detection technology to protect your stadium

Our proprietary software utilizes AI and the latest drone detection equipmenet to help you and your security team protect your facilities from unwanted drones.

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Integrated Solutions for Stadium Drone Detection

Drone detection services for stadiums

Stadium security teams are well-equipped to handle the traditional problems usually encountered, but drone incursions represent new challenges. Drones can be difficult to spot visually, particularly early enough to take action. Even when detected, simply determining a drone's presence doesn't offer any assistance in locating its operator or preventing it from entering your stadium's airspace.

Identifying an unauthorized drone is only the first step in securing your stadium against the damage and liability associated with them. Aerial Armor's drone detection systems are designed to provide a full-service solution to help you limit the risk of damage, injury, and interruptions these prohibited incursions present.

Detect Drones with The Latest Technology

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Identify Drones Early and At A Distance

Our detection systems can identify drones flying up to several miles away, giving you critical time to prepare and act on unauthorized drone incursions in your stadium's airspace.

Drone detection systems can identify registration details and GPS coordinates for the takeoff positions and operator locations of unauthorized drones in your airspace, which can be used in conjunction with law enforcement. Detection systems can also identify autonomous drones and multiple drones at once.

Keep Your Stadium Protected 24/7 with AI

Detection systems can work all day, every day, identifying possible test flights and real-time threats before, during, and after events in your stadium.

Within your stadium's protected airspace, our detection systems can be used to land unauthorized drones safely and to prevent them from taking off again once landed.

Each installation is customized to meet your unique requirements. Additionally, you can personalize the detection software interface to display detection data in a way that best meets your needs.

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Integrated drone monitoring technology to protect your community

Our proprietary software utilizes AI and the latest drone detection equipment to help you and your security team protect your facilities from unwanted drones.

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Protect Your Stadium and Detect Drones

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Our detection systems can report to a central location and can be used on the go, so your security team can work from multiple locations to mitigate a drone threat.

At Aerial Armor, improving safety with our drone detection software is our highest priority. Contact us today to receive a free drone-intrusion threat analysis for your stadium or other facility. 

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