Drone Detection As A Service

Get the insights your security team needs with our suite of drone detection software.

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Collect Drone & UAV Data With Our Custom Software

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Drone Data Analytics Software

Your team will know exactly what drones are trafficking your airspace before they become a threat with access to our drone detection data.

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Receive automated drone alerts via text message within seconds of detection.

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Access live drone detections on the go so you can promptly retrieve info you need.

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Collect and store drone detection data to protect your airspace.

Aerial Armor Drone Detection Data Software

Integrated drone detection analysis software to protect your facilities

Our proprietary detection software utilizes AI and the latest technology to help you and your security team protect your facilites from unwanted drones.

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Full Suite of Drone Detection Tools

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The Aerial Armor Drone Data Portal

Have a particular drone that is consistently intruding on your airspace? Our whitelisting and black listing services keep you informed on drone detections by specific serial number.

Get the most accurate, up-to-date, drone flight data to identify and analyze aerial threats.

Historical comments on repeat offenders are available which gives easy access to all users within the security group to make an informed decision about an impending threat.

Detection Data Organized For Your Team

Aerial Armor's alert zone summary provides users with an overview of the historical UAV flight data from around the region of interest.

We break down the flight counts, hours of day, days of the week and altitude ranges to enhance your security briefings and internal reports. Discover trends in your drone detection data and adjust accordingly.

Easily export the detection data roll up or subscribe to our weekly email which summarizes the activity and delivers it straight to your inbox.

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Advanced Airspace Mapping Capabilities

Visualize your hot spots based on Pilot or Homepoint locations. Create advanced security protocols based on historical patterns.

Our heatmaps and flight overlay images are industry leading, a must have for security conscious companies.

Easily identify drone flight data trends in your monitored area and plan accordingly. Be ready to counter unwanted drone threats within a moments notice of detection.

Easy for Any Team to Analyze Drone Detection Data

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Extended Range

Our drone detection solutions can detect drones and their operators for up to 30 miles.

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Flight Overlay

View historical drone flight data and filter by date range. Identify hot spots with ease.

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Early Warning Signs

Detect drones as soon as they become active, even before they take flight.

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Risk Levels

Identify drones with higher risk levels and flag individual drones for continuous monitoring.

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Extended Range

Receive real-time alerts when unauthorized threats enter your airspace via email, text or push notifications.

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Precise Location

Pinpoint the GPS coordinates of the drone, it’s pilot, and the home point from which the drone launched.

Ready to gain access to the largest drone detection database available?

As a subscriber to our drone detection data services, you might not need to have your own detection products installed. Contact us to see if you apply!

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Aerial Armor on YouTube

Our drone detection services in action

Watch how Aerial Armor secures the skies and over 500 hot air balloons each year at The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Example drone detection dataset from 2018 >>


Have A Drone Detection Data Question?

What is drone analytics software?

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Drone detection analytics software allows security teams to analyze drone flight data of UAVs that have trafficked their monitored airspace. With our drone detection software, your team will know exactly how many drones have been flown in your airspace and allow you to collect and analyze important data to help you keep your airspace secure.

How does drone detection work?

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There are multiple ways to detect a drone and these include (but not limited to) RF analysis, radar, and visual tracking through thermal and daylight cameras.

But, to detect all types of drones, you need a layered solution. Aerial Armor specializes in layering multiple detection solutions to give our clients the best results based on their needs and budget.

Do we need our own drone detection equipment to collect drone data?

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Our drone detection equipment is installed in facilities across the globe. Many of the subscribers to our drone detection data service do not have their own equipment installed because their airspace is already being monitored.

Contact us today to see if you and your team qualify to receive our drone detection data!