How To Track A Drone Operator: Trace Drone Pilots with Aerial Armor

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In an era of $50 quad-copters and hobbyist drone pilots in every city, the task of maintaining clear and safe airspace around your facility has become more complicated.

As a security professional, detecting drones could be vital to your organization. Whether you're trying to protect your airport, sports stadiums, prisons, or anything in between, identifying drones quickly and accurately is necessary. 

But what about their operators? What if you need to track down a drone pilot for legal reasons or identify a pilot who is on the move? 

At Aerial Armor, it's our business to protect your business from unwanted drone intrusions. This article will describe how our systems can identify most drone operators and their locations with great accuracy.

How To Track A Drone Operator


To track a drone operator, we highly recommend the DJI AeroScope line of drone detection equipment that uses RF signal analysis to detect drones and their operators. AeroScope collects drone pilot data and makes that info accessible to third-party companies, like Aerial Armor, so we can display drone operator location and other important details to you and your team. 

How To Find A Drone Pilot

The first step to finding local invasive drone pilots is to detect the drone. Drone detection equipment like the DJI Aeroscope uses RF (radio frequency) sensors to locate unauthorized drones in your airspace. Depending on your facility drone management policies, these drones can be neutralized, netted, or shot down. But what then? What if the operator violated local regulations?

While drone pilots are supposed to stay in direct line of sight of their drones, modern camera drones make it possible to pilot without direct visual contact. This poses a unique challenge for finding pilots, one that DJI has sought to solve.


DJI Collects Drone Pilot Location

DJI's AeroScope works because they understand their drones better than anyone else: they manufacture them. When our detection systems (DJI's AeroScope, supplemental detection equipment plus our proprietary software) scan a DJI drone, it reveals its name, altitude, flight path, and the current location of its pilot. Local authorities can then use that info to track a drone back to its pilot or use a caught drone to find the pilot nearby.

DJI does this through a particular section in the permissions clause signed by DJI drone users. 

Location information. When you activate DJI hardware products, use the map function of our apps, synchronize your flight record, or obtain UAS safety/regulatory notifications, you may provide us with geolocation information. In order to provide your location, you may be required to enable certain features of your mobile phone (such as GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth), which enable DJI to identify your location through a variety of means, including GPS location, IP address, cell tower location, geofencing technology, or detection by physical on-location Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sensors. If your location is collected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sensors of your mobile device or other non-DJI Products, please be aware that such sensors, and the associated data services, may be provided by a third party, which may access such information for the purpose of providing such data services to DJI.

When you unlock the geofencing features embedded in DJI Products and Services, you may provide us with geolocation information relating to your unlocked areas ("Authorization Zones").


In other words, DJI permits access to pilots' location and some identifying information about them when a drone is appropriately detected. This information can be sent directly to the scanner and also shared with third-party brands like Aerial Armor.


A Step in the Right Direction for Everyday Drones and Premise Security

This step that DJI has taken to increase pilot accountability benefits everyone. Facilities with protected airspace can quickly find (and prosecute) pilots who violate that space knowingly or unknowingly.

Contact us today to explore your drone detection and protection options and get the system your organization needs to track down drone operators.

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